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Interactions interface

I’ve just spent a couple of days trying to resolve issues with interactions and I believe that the interface for them should be completely reassessed, it’s extremely hard to troubleshoot when you can only see one interaction at a time and there are very little clues as to where you are in the chain of events.
Also, being able to see the Navigator and Object panels open at the same time would considerably speed up the work flow as I find myself constantly flicking between them. Another way of resolving this would be to allow progressive clicking to select nested elements. At the moment I have my interactions applied to the parent div yet clicking on the interface window always selects the first child div.

I often think that if the navigator could be seen at any time, it would be so efficient that my structures would be better in the end.

You can use the shortcuts, F for navigator tab and H for Objs

Here are them all:

Show Style Panel
Show Settings Panel
Show Navigator
Show Style Manager
Show Global Objects

and “?” for all shortcuts.