Interactions from template project not working in exact recreation

I’ve been trying to duplicate the content from the “Rotation on mouseover” Webflow template project ( to no avail. I’ve exactly copied the content and recreated the interactions three times now, but it doesn’t behave the same outside of the template project.

I believe I’ve found the root issue, and it seems to be a difference in how the interactions themselves are behaving. To see what I mean, take a look at the two projects linked below.

“Rotation on mouseover - clone”:
“Rotation on mouseover - recreation”:

The first is a direct clone of the template project. The second is a blank project into which I copied the content of the cloned project. The interaction didn’t copy over, which I understand is to be expected, so I recreated it exactly according to what is in the clone.

However, the interactions don’t behave the same! It seems to be the following issue. In the clone, the rotations are in 3D perspective. In the recreation, there’s no such 3D perspective.

I am absolutely baffled by this and at my wit’s end. Can anyone help?

you missed a small step that messes up your animation - if you will click on the “body” in the navigator, you will see that it has a transform setting - “children perspective” to 1000 - once you will turn it on it should all work as in the original example

You are an absolute life saver!!! Thank you tons