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Interactions - easing help

I am using the new IX2 and enjoying the flexibility, however, my move interactions are jerky. I have played with the timing (ie. .01 and .1 and 1 second also I don’t understand the list I am given for easing… Ease In, Ease out, in Quad, Out Quad, etc. Perhaps if I selected the corrected easing category my problems would be solved. I am using the interactions to move text over an image. Thanks in advance for your help. My read-only site is:

Hi @rjbiccum

Have a look at to see the various types of easing - hover over to see a red arrow with the easing applied to it, and click to see more detail on the easing :slightly_smiling_face:

Hope that helps



Thanks Stu, I will check that out

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Stu, that is just what I needed. I was making it WAY TOO HARD, appreciate it a lot!

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No problem @rjbiccum - would you mind ticking that ‘solution’ box too?


I’m also have a lot of “jerking” issues with my interactions. I think it may have had something to do with them being in multiple sections? I removed them from sections and made them Divs instead. I don’t if that will do anything

Thank you Mark_Mo_Learner every little tip helps!!!

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