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Interactions disabled in editor mode?

Hi there guys,

I’ve linked a slide-out to a button. This slide-out appears when I click on the button and is made with IX2. I want my client to edit the content inside that slide-out, that is only shown when you click that button. Is it true that interactions like this are disabled in the editor?

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Hi @martijnrunia

Any progress with this? I am having a similar issue, I have a next / previous button that has an interaction to hide one div and show another however this is not functioning in Editor mode so client will be unable to edit any other content other than what is on the current screen?

I will keep an eye on this thread as this seems like a snag.

I guess the solution is IX2 to function within Editor mode?

Hi @thinkrandom,

No unfortunately I haven’t heard about this one. Maybe @PixelGeek or @Waldo knows the answer.

Thanks for the update.

I will refrain from creating a separate topic as i think this covers it - hopefully there is a straightforward solution.

Was this issue ever resolved? I’m seeing this same issue in a site we’ve deployed 6 months ago. There was no issue back then. Now we see the same issue - interactions don’t fire in CMS editor mode! Any thoughts…