Interactions data-wf-page line


Can someone help me understand what this line does re interactions

<html data-wf-page="62b1b2a94ff754967262bde3" data-wf-site="61fbe3cfab7f9952e24748b6">

This line is different on every page which gets exported, however if I have multiple interactions on 1 page how does it work? as you can only have 1 line?

E.g I got interactions on my general page, so if I update that line with the line that comes with my general template, none of the other interactions on my header work that would be from home page.

Is there any way round this?


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Hi Matt @Matty, have a look at my answer from another thread regarding data-wf-page and data-wf-site.

I don’t think these attributes are related to interactions in any way.

If you are having issues with interactions, please share your read-only link so we can help you out. Thanks!