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Interactions: change text menu color or fill color on scroll

Hello all,
is it posible to change the color of a text div using interactions?
thanks so much

Hi @Aitor,

Absolutely… but you can do this with just plain CSS. Why do you want to use interactions?


I mean like having a div text inside a div block, and change color using interactions asigned to the parent div

please, some help? thanks anyway

I changed the title to explain myself better, so, is it posible? change text color on scroll events for example…

So, please, can someone tell if this is possible??

I don’t think Webflow gives you the option to change colors upon scroll in the interactions panel.

But what you can do is create text in the color you want and set it to load at 0% and when you scroll to a certain area, use the interactions panel to activate it to 100% and you will get the appearance of text color changing. You can create text in the background of a div and have the overlapping text on top of that div. It’s a bit complicated and you might have to import some text as an image. ( so it wouldn’t work with large bodies of text) But give it a try if you have time.

Yes, I though that was the only way to do it. thanks for the answer

I sent support, suggesting about adding class interaction.