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Interactions broken when setting effects on classes

Just this morning the interactions on my site broke (without any changes made to them) and I’m wondering if anyone had this problem. Remaking those interactions resulted in a bug (which I’ve reported).

Here’s what happened:
I have an interaction which sets the text color for every element with the “Header” class to black as its initial state.
Then the interaction does this again at 0.0 when the interaction is triggered (to reset all other instances to black)
After that it would set only elements with the Header class that are siblings to the interaction trigger to be blue.

This interaction structure worked for creating a navbar too (click on a category to expand it, closing any other open categories in the navbar), but that’s also broken.

So the interaction is structured like this:
Initial: All Elements with Class is set.
0.0 : All Elements with Class is reset.
0.1 : Only Siblings with Class is set.

This worked for two weeks but suddenly broke this morning, without any changes made to it.

Now whenever I try to set the third step (0.1) it resets the initial and 0.0 state to only be siblings. And if I reset the initial or 0.0 it resets the third step to affect All Elements with Class.

Has anyone else encountered this issue? Any ideas as to the cause?