Interactions aren't working

I’m sorry I’ve read through numerous threads but I’m still struggling to get my interactions to work. It works on the Webflow preview but not when I host it on cpanel. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Here is my public share link:

and here is the link to the site:

You should include the hosted site address so that it can be looked upon.

I’ve updated it, thank you! And sorry, new to posting in forums, I’ve no doubt formatted it all wrong

Both versions look the same to me. What exactly isn’t working?

You should be able to scroll through on the z axis(y) but for some reason it’s no longer working. When I publish it on Webflow to preview it it’s working fine, but on my site its static and I can’t scroll through if that makes any sense? Thank you for your time btw.

This may show it better?

It works on that page on your exported site as well.

Strange, it works from the link you sent, not when I type it in. Do you have an idea what I may have done to break the other page? They should both respond to the scrolling like that. Sorry if this is all obvious and I’m asking dumb questions.

The main page doesn’t work even on wf site. Check your interactions, it is pretty obvious why nothing works to be honest, especially it will be clear for you who created the animation in the first place.

Hello George how are you?

I really liked the effect you created on the scroll, would it be possible for you to make this script available either for clone or for me to study it to create something similar for a portfolio project?

Again, very good work, thanks