Interactions Are Not Working Properly On Exported Site

Hello Everyone,

For some reason my interactions are working fine on Webflow but when exported out to Wordpress site, it just doesn’t seem to work at all. I’ve looked up and down everywhere for a solution and I’m still stumped. When looking at the developers console I just get an error of “TypeError: r is undefined”. The desired interaction involves the Navigation, its supposed to go from transparent background and white text to a white background and black text from scrolling up/down the page.

Any help would be amazing!

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@tox Thanks for submitting your issue here.

Try this link here:

Make sure you are exporting all of the right files to WordPress.

However, why export to WordPress, when Webflow can host all for you?

Well the client wants it on Wordpress, so i dont have a choice.

Hello, @tox!

Could you, please, check if the HTML version of the exported site (before the Wordpress integration) has that interaction?

I’ll be standing by for your response!


Thanks for the quick response! Yes, it works before Wordpress integration but im not too sure why it wont work on Wordpress

it looks like you’re missing the webflow javascript call that makes the interactions come to life:

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script> 

Please note that since this is an exported site integrated into a different CMS, this goes beyond what our Webflow support team can help with. Please see our Statement of Support:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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I will give it a try right now! thank you

No it didn’t really work. Now I’m seeing two developer console errors

  • TypeError: u is not a function
  • TypeError: r is undefined

it looks like you put the script in your head tag. It should be right before your end </body> tag.

Also, when presenting Webflow as an option to your client, I’m curious as to the reasons why your client didn’t want to switch over to something easier?

Just moved it and still no interactions.

I presented Webflow but the client was very reluctant on switching so I didn’t have much of a choice. I love Webflow and will always recommend it, but some people are just very stuck on Wordpress I guess

Hi Anna - are you familiar with Kendo UI controls? :slight_smile: I do not want to offtopic here though…

I had the same symptoms with a different cause. Hoping this information might help somebody else.

I believe my issue was caused by certain ID numbers in the .HTML files relating to the interactions being different from those in the site’s .CSS file.
I found I needed to flush the cache of my CDN (CloudFlare) in order for the browser to re-download the correct .CSS file.
(Obviously make sure you’re uploading the site’s .CSS file even if you’re only making ‘page level’ changes.)

Good luck!