Interactions and Vue - conflict with div IDs - driving you mad?

Anyone else having issues with interactions when using Vue?
It works one minute, then never again?

I was working on a simple div size change - on click change size from 100px to auto, then on 2nd click, revert back to 100px. All good. Working fine.

The page also includes a Vue component, which needs its own div ID.

At first I tested the component separately in its own div, and tested the interactions in its own div on the page and everything was still good. Then I wanted to clean up the page and put all the content in one div with the ID of the vue component, so I can access Vue components anywhere on the page.
Don’t do that. That’s the pain and misery pathway.

I deleted, rebuilt the interactions probably 10 times or more, logged out and back in, rebooted my machine and still no result. The interactions worked in preview, but not in live version and it’s drove me nuts.

It’s only when I realized the last time everything worked, was when the divs were separate, and then it clicked… conflict with the div IDs…

Now that I know the cause of the issue, is this a bug or by design?