Interactions and Collection Lists

Hi there,

I have problems with using interactions for collection lists. At my page “Startseite” I have a collection list. I did copy the collection list, paste it in the page “Printdesign” and set a filter, so there are less items displayed.

Now I want to play an animation on hover (the hovered collection list item should grow) . But there is a conflict between the two collections. I did different tests (element/Classes etc.) and there was always a problem.

So, is there anybody who could give me a quick instruction how to create this animation, which is working for both collection lists and which affects the hovered collection list item only?

Here is my public share link:

Hi Marc

Did you solve this?

I recently made a collection list placed on my start page and I wanted the same list in a collection page and there where some conflict. I solved it by making it a symbol.

If you still want help let me know :sunflower::slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @jorn,

Yes, I could solve this. I had to use different animations. I did duplicate the animation and did replace the targets. After that it worked.

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