Interactions affecting other elements broke after creating new elements and clearing unused styles


Webflow decided today is a good day to make my life miserable.
I did some changes in the content section and did not even touch the NavBar.

However, after I was done, I now have several seemingly random interactions that have gotten added to my menuButton. Of course I could ordinarily delete those and expect to work everything fine again right?

Take a look at the mess here:

Unfortunately, that is not the case.
Right now it seems like whatever I do, I cant get my menu to open (iPad and below), if I delete these interactions. But having them does me no help either, as I didn’t create these and they make the menu spin around and disappear after clicking it.

Again, I must stress that I did not add these interactions and that they just appeared. You can see what the website (and the functioning menu) was like at an still online, earlier version of the website here:

Any help is much appreciated!

Here is my public share link: BROKE SITE
Link to the broke website: ITS A HARD KNOCK LIFE

P.S.: Also I am kind of anxious what else has been messed with, w/o my doing so.

Updating title from “Webflow randomly added interactions to my menuButton” to “Interactions affecting other elements broke after creating new elements and clearing unused styles” - @Waldo

Hi @Karl-Heinrich thank you so much for post this! I’m investigating this issue actively and will let you know as soon as I have more information.

From what I can see the interactions affecting other elements don’t have those other element class names attached that were on previous versions:


I can perform an interaction restore from this end but you’ll need to be out of the designer, can you please let me know as soon as you are out of the designer and I can push the fix?

Thanks in advance! :bow:

Holy Moly

A very dark and possibly almost empty space in my brain has started to itch. And yet it helped me finally realising the truth about things: I am an idiot.

Ok so from what I can see, I remember that I have been building another menuButton (duh!), before the one you can see in the webflow designer right now. Though I thought I deleted it thoroughly. Apparently not! This makes me realise, the interactions have not been randomly added but instead it was me … the source of all my troubles is me, myself, and I. There it is, blue on gray proof, that I am an idiot.

These elements and the styles associated with these dont exist anymore. Therefore I cant wrap my head around the fact, that with these elements (that dont exist) restored, the menuButton will work fine again. Like, they dont even do anything because they dont exist … so … what? How? My idiot brain is going to break.

However, I think you are absolutely right and resetting should do the trick. If it doesnt matter that these classes dont exist anymore and the reset will also fix that.

I am signed out of webflow and you can go ahead with your reset.

Though I would appreciate if you could explain how this could have happened? Because basically the only thing I did “wrong” was “clean up all unused styles”, like I usually always do every time I have changed something.

So far, the learning I will take away from this is: Always build in a sandbox and only if I am absolutely sure I am going to use something for my site, then build it on the real thing. Twice the work? Maybe, but it can save my life and spare me a lot of troubles later on.

Be my hero @Waldo ,

Hi @Karl-Heinrich it actually looks like you removed those old elements that were previously used in the navbar interaction when you deleted them and cleared those old styles out (looks like you switched to different verbiage as well for the class names).

I’m not able to restore the interactions because those elements are no longer there in your new navigation menu or you just added new elements with different class names.

Then select your “menuButton” element and update the “affects other elements” names in here:

You can also restore your site to a previous version to get back that previous menu as I cannot restore that element for you.

Hi @Waldo,

I dont know what these interactions are doing there. As they dont affect the menuButton at all!
I dont need these. I can delete them and the animation will work just fine, as the interactions needed are stored in “bottom line”, “middle line” and “top line”. This interaction is only affecting the words “Menü” and “Schließen” (German for close), as intended.

The problem is, the actual menu does not show up anymore. Shouldn’t the menuButton not automatically take care of this? I dont think we can influence the menu appear interaction or at least we shouldn’t be able to. Except for what can be found in the settings tab like appear from left, right and so on. What happened? Like I said, I didn’t touch the NavBar.

Something or someone fixed it. Thanks.

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