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Interactions 2 / weflow's page cloneable? others?

Anyone know if this webflow interactions 2.0 page is cloneable so I can learn more about how its done?

Also wondering if anyone else is making playground pages trying out things with iX2.0 and willing to share how they do things etc

p.s I’m wanting to show this to the client, but because this was made with fun 80’s style visuals…I know the client will be turned off on it right away and say its too busy…so I’m wanting to use more so clean flat design to show what a corporate website could EVENTUALLY look / feel like with these type of interactions, anyone else in this same boat?


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Send a message to @PixelGeek Nelson.

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If it’s any help @Aaron covered recreating the horizontal scroll section just a few days ago in the blog: - cloneable. Check Aaron out on twitter too - for some examples that could be used in real projects - page peels, book opens etc…

@PixelGeek showed around 10 IX2 sites (competition entries) in the last workshop:

UPDATE: Friday’s Twitch stream is interviewing it’s very creator…


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