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Interactions 2.0 parallax on scroll is jumping

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been adding interactions 2.0 into my website and for some reason one of my elements is jumping on the scroll parallax interaction, it’s the first image on the right of the site, it seems to jump once you get to the bottom of it. I’ve managed to use interactions on other parts of my website but for some reason this isn’t working. Here is a link to my site

Any help would be appreciated,

Kind regards


Hi, I can see what you’re talking about. Can you post your read-only link so we all can take a look?


Thank you for the reply, here is a preview link.

Hi @Sprint_Studios - I think the issue may be that you are using an Element Trigger… try the same interactions but with a Page Trigger instead… (While page is Scrolling)… I may be wrong but this is what I would try! Good luck! Regards Kai

Hi @Keejo I appreciate the the reply, unfortunately I still have the same problem. I wasn’t sure if it had something to do with it been over 100vh, its currently at 150vh.

I have no idea how but I’ve managed to fix it, thanks for the help everyone.

All the best,