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Interactions 2.0 Parallax Hero Image Top Space?


I know this is early, but I’ve been playing with the amazing Interactions 2.0, trying to get a subtle parallax background image going on for my hero.

I’ve got it working nicely, but can’t seem to get rid of a small gap at the top of the screen. Anyone got any ideas?

Many thanks in advance!

Hello, @Jezerama

You will need to change few things:

  1. Change the scrolling offset for the div that you applied interaction to since it is already fully visible when page loads

  1. Move the first action to 0% keyframe

  2. Change the amount of % that will be moved video on the second action to something around 70-80%


Should work:


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Amazing, thanks @sabanna - works perfectly now.

And thanks for IX 2.0, it was worth the wait :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @sabanna, I have another problem with the scrolling and I hope you can help…

I’ve got the landing page sorted, working really well, but the ‘Classic Folios’ page has another hero and the parallax doesn’t seem to work with it, it produces a gap at the top again. It’s probably something obvious I’ve missed, but do you have an ideas?



Hi again, @Jezerama

I would recommend duplicating action list for that page because hero section on the Home page was bigger and it wasn’t affecting offset as it is on the new page:


So when you duplicate action lists you can move the top action item to exact keyframe for compensating the offset