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Interactions 2.0 - incorrect easing / duration

I was creating an on-click interaction affecting multiple elements, and one of the elements (a dropdown icon that I was rotating 180º) wouldn’t apply the correct easing / duration. It seamed to be automatically applying some kind of in-out-easing despite the option I selected and would add my duration to the duration of the elements it was grouped with (Start With…) I ended up setting it to linear and 0s duration to get what I wanted, but if I wanted it to literally happen instantly, I would have probably had to remove it from the group due to how it was calculating duration.

I’ve also noticed that I can’t type in a different unit (ms) in the new Interactions panel… This is different from the rest of Webflow.

Also, when I enter a value into, let’s say, the duration field, and tab out of the field, it will not apply my value. I have to push “Enter/Return” for it to apply my value.

Are all of these “features” or bugs?

Hi @DrewPalko

Thanks for posting about this.

These two are both expected behavior with the current version of interactions. If you’d like to see these two as updates, plesae feel free to submit an item to the Wishlist!

Regarding the first issue you mentioned with the easing issue. Can you please share your Read-Only link :slight_smile:

Any screenshots / recordings you can provide here would also be very helpful!

​Thanks in advance!

Preview Link:


Hi @DrewPalko

Thanks so much for that great video—incredibly helpful!

I’ll pass this information along to the team and we will continue investigating. I’ll report back here when I have more information on this.

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