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Interactions 2.0 don't agree with PHP?

I’ve noticed something unusual with interactions 2.0.
If you set a simply ‘scroll into view’ interaction on an element and then export the code it will look like something below:
data-w-id=“9c02dcca-b055-5cfc-6f40-69fd427ebf41” style=“opacity:0”
And it works fine as a regular HTML website…
However using this exact code (without changing anything) and converting the file to be a .php, the opacity:0 stays static as it is and as a result the element doesn’t load when scrolling on the page. You would have to manually set it to 1 to view the elements which defeats the whole purpose of the interaction. I appreciate this is somewhat outside of Webflow, but I have never witnessed this with legacy interactions and have had to resort to using them only on our sites.
Any idea why this might be? I hope Webflow is not planning on removing legacy interactions as they work quite well as they are!

When the page output is rendered does the code stay the same or is it changed? Share a link?