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Interactions 2.0 acting differently on different breakpoints

Hey guys!

In my project on the “Watch” page I have two sets of collections : for desktop and for the rest of breakpoints. First collection shows videos 1 to 100 , second 101 to 201. The tablet layout of collection is different, therefore I cloned it from the desktop and turned it off on the desktop view. So eventually you’ll see 4 dynamic lists.

I’m trying to achieve a “lazy load” so that when I scroll down to the 100th video and click load more , the button disappears and a second dynamic list is smoothly loading. It has worked out with interactions 2.0 perfectly on the desktop layout, however for tablet and mobile , even though I have replicated same approach, when the “load more” button disappears it still show the emtpty space between two collections although it should stack them together just like on the desktop layout.

Can’t find any reason so far…


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