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Interaction works os the preview but not after publishing

Dear all,

could you please support me to understand if I’m doing something wrong or it’s a bug?. On the page “bem vindo”, all the interactions work well, but not the button. I already changed for a link block and it also doesn’t work. Is there any reported bug for interaction in link elements? Below my preview.


Try giving “Div Block 98” a z-index of 1, otherwise there’s no option to click the button as the Heading is overlapping.

I hope this helps…

Hey @Eli11. It is in the same div that the logo is, and the logo is showing up. Anyway, I tried your suggestion and it didn’t work. You can see in the published page. Any other suggestions?

I don’t see the button anymore. Have you change the layout?
What is there you’re trying to do on the “bem vindo” page?

Hey Eli11,

Sorry for the late answer, but I manage to set an Auto Click, and I don’t even need the button now :slight_smile:

Thanks anyway for your attention!

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