Interaction within an interaction clash

I have a mouse click interaction that expands the container. Within that container is a dropdown menu that has another mouse click interaction that opens the drop down menu. The issue is that whenever I click the dropdown menu to open it, it collapses the container that it’s in. I suspect it’s because the dropdown menu is overlapping the container, so by clicking the dropdown menu, it’s also clicking the container behind it.

How do I prevent the container mouse click interaction when I click the dropdown menu interaction?

(P.S. you need to go in and out of preview mode for the interaction to work for some reason. Also, only the ‘==’ dropdown menu is currently designed)

Here is my public share link: Link 1

Hi! I have a couple of ideas that might help with this, but I’m not exactly sure if I understand the problem. Instead of setting a height of 101 px, you could try setting a height of auto and giving a minimum height of 101 px to the trigger (I’m thinking of option 1). Then, the container should automatically resize when you show the add constant bar. Then, you could just use a hide/show interaction on your second click instead of size to get the full height. It seems like it is working pretty well to me now, but if clicking the drop box still collapses the container, you could try giving a position of relative to the section instead of the wrapper, but I’m not sure. I hope this helps a little!