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Interaction triggers after 2nd click

Hi everyone,

First time facing this issue. I created a custom dropdown that starts off open, after first click it closes, 2nd click it opens and so on and so forth. Issue I have is that first click when the site load does nothing, and then it behaves normally. Any idea what may be causing that?

I also tried starting with some initial states on first click to no avail unfortunately. Would appreciate any thoughts.

Read only link: Webflow - Hopstack Main Website , dropdown trigger is the side menu title on the left hand side.

Hi all,

Still struggling with this. Any thoughts please?

Hi @trynix, could you help to share a screenshot and page where the behavior is happening?

I checked the home page in the designer, but all of the dropdowns seemed to be working on my end.

Is the trouble only happening on the published site? If so, can you help to share the page url to the published page?

Thanks in advance.

Hello @cyberdave and thank you very much for stepping in!

This is an example of what’s happening:

The interaction trigger is the orange dropdown header on the left side.

I created a new read link incase pervious one had issues: Webflow - Hopstack Main Website

Hi @trynix, I think that the pillar sidebar is receiving the click focus on page load, I would apply the interaction to the pillar sidebar and target elements by class by targeting Only Children of the pillar sidbar:

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When I change the interaction to trigger on the pillar sidebar, then the interaction runs as expected.

Thanks for the feedback!
If I do it this way though, wouldn’t clicking anywhere within the pillar sidebar trigger the dropdown show/hide (instead of just the dropdown trigger)?

Hi @trynix, yes that would happen, clicking anywhere on the sidebar would open close the menu.

Another possibility would be to change up the structure a bit, I would need to check it further, the option for setting the Pillar as the trigger is a workaround in the time being.

When I tested a new interaction on just the original triggers but without using same structure, just putting the menu buttons i.e. under the body also worked for me.

I can help to check it further, but for the moment setting that trigger to the pillar should work.

Hi Dave,

Can you please explain what’s causing the issue though? You mention receiving a click focus on page load, but I don’t really understand what that means (or how it relates to the trigger setup, since it’s set to trigger on first click). Is the first click somehow ignored?

Regarding the sidebar click - the reason I’m hesitant with this approach is that the sidebar dropdown will contain a list of links, and if i set trigger ons idebar then clicking any of these links will close the dropdown.