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Interaction triggered on scroll start on load

Hi everybody.

On my site I made a sidebar that’s supposed to stay on the left side of the screen. When the page scrolled down to the bottom it’s supposed to hide behind the left side of the screen. The way it’s set is there’s another sidebar in the bottom and interaction is set up on it with affecting left side bar when the bottom one scrolled into view 50%.

It worked a few times, and then it started hiding right on the main screen load. As soon as it loads the sidebar hides. Even if I didn’t do any scroll at all. It appears only when I scroll all the way down and then start scrolling back (as it’s set on scrolling out 50%)

How do I make it stay in place on load and start interaction when it’s supposed to?

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Hi @deneesta

Removing the interaction on class: ‘Side panel div’ should fix it.

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Jeez! thanks, I don’t know why I put it there… Now it works. Many thanks!

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