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Interaction times fall apart after a few hours? Normal?

Hello everyone,

I designed a pretty slick digital menu for a clients sandwich shop. In order to fit all the content, I used interactions to flip around to another div on a timer. There are 3 columns in the row. So all together there are 6 divs for his menu. I have them on a staggered spin for a little design flair… you can see here.

The problem is, after a few hours the menu gets off sync. Not to professional :/. I’ve tried waiting for the assets to load, and not. Nothing changed. Has anyone had this issue before?

I’d like to share my project, but there are sensitive business pages that are private only. Is there a way just to share a page in my project?

I am also willing to pay for help. I’ve tried the hire a webflow pro, but nothing really worked out. I’m willing to do it myself, but just wondering where to go from here.

Thanks Everyone, you guys rock!flip card interaction front divflip card interactionflip card interaction back div

If you really want proper sync across multiple elements, you need to animate them together with custom code. Let me know if you want me to take a stab at this

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