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Interaction that brings many assets together

Hey I’m new here,
I am wondering how I would get a cluster of overlapping logos to move together to centre over top of one another.
Any help would be awesome.

Thanks guys,


Welcome to Webflow community, please share more details may be a similar link or quick pencil sketch.
Love to help.

Hey, Thanks!

If the black hexagons all move along the red line when any black hexagon is hovered over. Is it possible to make them all move at once as soon as the interaction triggers?

Hey Mati!

Do you think this is possible?


Yes, you can set any interaction on any elements and affect others.

Ping me if you need more help on discord.


Hey thanks for your help.
I can’t seem to get them to all move at once because they are moving in different directions so they have different animations that I can’t seem to link together.

I don’t have discord, sorry.