Interaction Sets Hide/Show to Block instead of None


I have an issue with an interaction that is supposed to open (Display: block;) and close (Display: none;) a cart modal by pressing two different items. Upon publishing and checking the live site, the interaction which is suppose to close the modal, sets the cart component to ‘Display: block;’ instead of ‘Display: none;’ on the live page - but correctly works in the designer.

  • The Basket (icon-1x1-medium) opens the cart, and the X (cart_popup_close-button) on the modal closes it.

  • The Basket has an interaction that sets ‘Display: block;’ on the cart component, and the close button (X) has an interaction that puts the cart component to ‘Display: none;’

I have cleared the cache and tried three different browsers in case it’s a caching issue.

Please see the video.
Could anyone please assist?
Thank you.

Have you tried reviewing interaction triggers? I’d suggest to ensure that the triggers for both the Basket icon and the X button are set up correctly. Sometimes, a slight misconfiguration can cause such issues.

thank you. I will double-check everything and write again if it does not work. Thanks

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