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Interaction removing custom dropdown styles on close

I am encountering something strange. I built some interactions on my main header nav dropdowns. Everything is working well, except when they close, it seems like it’s removing styles or something similar? It flashes gray and the positioning changes. Any insight would be very appreciated. Is there somewhere else I need to remove/change the default styling?


Here is my public share link: LINK

Hopefully this video I made will help you out! :wink:

Hey, thanks so much. The margin vs absolute positioning tip was really helpful.

Do you see how it’s flashing back to the gray color background on the second click though? That is how the default menu was styled, and I can’t figured out why it’s doing that. Any thoughts?

Easy Fix:
Same method applies.

Dang man, very helpful. Makes sense to be styling on the original element vs the open class. The videos are really great. Thanks again!

Anytime @Alexander_Diner! Glad I could help! Cheers :grin:!