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Interaction problem affects text color and font weight

Hey everyone,

I’ve got a problem with some interactions. When I use a interaction on different elements on my project it seems to affect the color of all text elements in my project. It only appears when I use a transformation like scaling, or moving it. Without a transformation the text stays the same. But I looks less bright and you can see actually a difference when you go over a element with a interaction.

Does someone experienced this before?

Please let me know,

Thanks guys,

Perry martens

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Hey Perry,

Please share your read-only link -


Hey Naweed,

Thanks for replying here is the link :



Hi @nwdsha, could you also help to share what browser that is being used to view the rendered page and also, if it is possible to create a screencast hd movie of the behavior, that would help a lot.

Thanks in advance.

Hey Dave,

I know what the problem is already. Its the interaction thats still doing something. After its done it will go back to its normal format. It was a problem I made with a interaction. This topic is closed !

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