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Interaction panel doesn't fully show

I hope someone can help me: when I go to the interactions panel, and I want to make changes on the x,y,z-axes (for example with rotate or with scale), I can only do that when I turn ‘set as initial state’ on, only then the scale panel appears. Otherwise it stays ‘underneath’ my viewport and I can’t find any scrollbar or something like that to reach it… What could be the problem here?
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Sounds like an old issue that was thought to be resolved. Can you post a screenshot of a problem and tell us your screen resolution (and whether you are using your browser full screen)?

Hey, thanks for replying!! Here two pictures of what I see when I have the ‘initial state’ on and off. My screen resolition is 1920x1080 and I’m using it full screen.

OK, so can’t you just scroll with your mousewheel or with trackpad on the panel to get to its bottom? Sometimes it is like that for me too but simple scroll sorts it

No, it doesn’t do that, no movement at all!

Now that I take another look at your screenshot it doesn’t seem like you have your window fullscreen. This issue happens only on window height of less than about 690px.

Hmm… I now moved my taskbar to the left instead of under, and now I can see the x- and y axis, still no z…

Aaaaah yesss! I now found out what full screen is, I didn’t have it full screen, you’re right!! Never knew there was a fuller screen than what I thought was full screen… haha! Thanks a lot!!

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