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Interaction options roadmap

I recall reading that the options available for a given state in an interaction (currently Transitions, Width, Height, Opacity, Display, and Delay) are planned to be further built out, but I couldn’t find the thread with that reference.

I’m this close to being able to use interactions for a lot of things that would require some js custom code instead. They’re already awesome for simple things, but it didn’t take long using them to bump up against the ceiling.

For example: For some menu/list hover operations, delays are really useful, and of course :hover doesn’t supply that so the hover interaction starts to look like a godsend. But hover interactions don’t let me restyle on hover the way I need to. It’s nice that you can combine the two, but alas, the delay offsets the two sets of effects uncomfortably.

FWIW, the ones I seem to keep wanting that aren’t there would include:

  • Backgrounds
  • Padding/margins
  • Borders

… pretty much the ones that affect the styling of the objects, as opposed to radical page position like Float and Clear, (which seem like they could be impractically complex and maybe less likely to be desired in the first place).

@thesergie - any insight into where more interaction options might be in priority?

Fantastic feature, guys - I’m really looking forward to using the afterburners when you bolt them on!

Sure thing! We working on some other things for the next several months, but if @danro find some down time he might be able to add support for background color and font color. Things like borders and padding/margin are trickier because they are more complex controls. For that we might allow you to add remove class using interactions (then you have ultimate style flexibility).

Does that help?

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Yes, add/remove classes is the holy grail component for interactions, for sure! That would be way preferable to adding more pieces of it like borders etc, both because of the increased power and because it would DRY up the interactions UI by getting rid of controls that are repeated in different contexts.

I was concerned that exposing some of the class variables like float and clear in interactions could create some tricky situations, but on reflection, probably not enough to justify the piecemeal approach over jumping right to classes.


Sorry to revisit this, but @thesergie - is the ability to change a class using interactions still in the works? Are we looking at weeks, months, a year? I have a header that i want to shrink in height when the user starts to scroll, figured an interaction that changes the height of the header class on scroll would be the best if it were possible.


It’s on our roadmap, but I don’t know when we will have the free time to build it. Possibly late fall or winter? I would love this feature as well! Though be encouraged that we are building other features that will blow your mind. :smiley:


Awesome thanks! Heh I have no doubt my mind will be blown. It always is when the Webflow team is involved :wink:

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I’ll definitely be posting it as my #1 desired thing in the new Features category here, it’s the biggest thing in my way most of the time in trying to fine-tune interaction animations natively! Each thing I want to do like that takes literally orders of magnitude more time to go out and find/hook up a jquery plug in for, and it’s soooooooo close to being what I need now :-/

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