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Interaction only loads when i scroll up

Hi, so for my site i copyed a part from this page with interactions made by Kevin Haag

and in his project the animation does load upon scrolling down when you first load the page but somehow my project only loads the anyimation when i scroll all the way down and then back up.

im also curious how i can use scrollify on certain parts of my site and others not but still be able to scroll normaly and have other parts snap. currently if i try it it locks the non scrollify parts out.

here are my links:

this site is something i’ve been working on and has had many iterations so in the pages tabs you will find more pages but i am currently working on the homepage only and bringing everything over to it.

thanks alot in advance


Edit, the problem has now moved to “work” page for a clearer overview of the problem


Yeah facing the same issue here. When will it be fixed? Thanks in advance.


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