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Interaction on another object

Hi, I have a problem that is driving me crazy. I have a site with a header bar and a fixed left side navigation. I have added a div with a fixed top position used only to trigger the interaction as the header should disappear when scrolling down and re-appearing when scrolling back to the top.

This works just fine for the header bar.

But i have also added another another trigger to the div to move the fixed left side menu at the same time by using a move event on the scroll trigger to move the menu up when scrolling down and down when scrolling back to top.

Now to the strange stuff:

Problem 1: When the page loads, the menu is automatically moved down as a if it were a load event. It is also interesting to note that is it is not moved the same amount as is stated in the interaction…?

Problem 2: the header section also contains a picture (logo) and a textblock (company name). They refuse to disappear together with the header div and instead stays and overlays other content…?

Any idears on what is going wrong here? I can not link to the actual site as it is sensitive work in progress, but I´ll be happy to provide more info if needed.

Best regards

Hi @mikaelw, if you are unable to share your public link, then you can also send a support request to, and we will help you out with this :smile:

Cheers, Dave