Interaction on a project I am working on doesn't work on other browsers

I am work on this project:

The interaction and layout works well on chrome but doesn’t work on firefox or Explorer.
Please I need help in finding the right solution to this.

Here is my public share link: LINK
(how to access public share link)

Can you please post your public like and screenshots of what is happening?

Here’s the link to my website.

Attached are two copies.

1- Screenshot of how it shows on firefox.
2. Screenshot of how it shows on Chrome.

Kindly go to the link of the website on three different browsers. Click the flight and the links and see the error.


It’s likely due to a flex box issue, thats why i try to avoid flex box as much as possible.

What of the interaction? Are you saying webflow is not cross browser compatible?

Can somebody help? Thanks

Is CSS Grid a better alternative for compatibility? Which method do you prefer?

I usually go old school and use manual heights with columns.