Interaction not working properly

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I have an interaction that is going on the menu which is acting the way I want when someone interacts with it first time. But the second time it acts weird and doesn’t open and close properly. I have tried many things but don’t know what’s exactly going on with it.

You can check the interaction over here: Home.
It’s on the menu global instance (Menu Holder). Have a look and if you guys can suggest something with this that will be really helpful.

Readonly Link: Click Here

Thanks for consideration

Screenshot 2023-11-29 235128
Hi Atharv,
You seem to have created menu interactions well, but might have missed to select correct animation (Menu-close) on 2nd click. Hope i understood your problem clearly and it helps you more.

Saicharan varikuti

Hy thanks taking a look.
@saicharan.varikuti but it still works the same.

Please make sure you have selected Menu-opens animation on first click and Menu-close animation on second click. It works fine when I tested even now (closes and opens clearly many times tested)