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Interaction navbar problem in FireFox

Hi there,

Awesome stuff on the interactions. There is one bug that is killing me.
The navbar won’t fade in, but all other items do!


Any knows what this is?
In chrome and internet explorer it works fine.

link to site:



Hi @Baasdesign, great looking site!

It looks like a bug specific to our Nav menu element in Firefox. If you create wrapper div and drag your nav buttons inside the wrapper, you can apply the IX to the wrapper instead.

So the new structure would look like:

- Nav menu
-- Wrapper (with fade in IX)
--- Nav Button
--- Nav Button
--- Nav Button

Hi Danro,

Thanks for your reply!
Will the collapsable structure still work if I do it this way?

  • btw, first i was a bootstrap fanatic, but now webflow. holy crap amazing. it cuts hours of my worktime. going to get myself a pro account! :smile: *



Yep, the menu should still work in the new structure.

Glad you are enjoying it! I agree, this is a better way to code CSS (but I may be biased) :laughing: