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Interaction mallfunctioning when set to "affect children only"

Hi !

There seems to be something wrong with the interaction i made to reveal a image on scroll, it used to work but after doing some cleanup work and changing the targets to the new tags it stopped working. somehow the first panel of the 3 does work but the others don’t.

in the designer whenever i set the target to “affect element only” you can see the target get transformed but whenever i set it to “affect children only” the interaction stops working.

the interaction im reffering to is “reveal product” & “reveal product out”

Please let me know if you see whats going wrong.
Thanks ^^!

Here is my public share link:


So i got the scroll into view animation working on all 3 except that the image in the overflow container on the third panel doesnt fade properly once it comes into view again. the image fades before the reavealer swipes across it, while in the other panels this does not happen.