Interaction is working when clicked on interaction preview button, but not in designer preview/published site

Hey everyone :slight_smile:

I added an interaction on ‘featured collection item’. It works fine. But when I duplicate it, the interaction only seems to work on the original item and not on duplicated one.

Does anyone know how can I resolve this issue? The interaction works fine in interaction preview but not in designer preview/published website

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Pod

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I’ve just come accoss the same issue. An interaction that works perfectly in a Collection List. I copied the entire Collection List to a Template page, and interaction does not work (except when using the Preview Buton).

I had a similar issue a few months ago which was caused by the elements needing the targets to be re assigned. I have repeatidly re-built the interaction, but it won’t work.

Is this something to do with interactions on a Template?