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Interaction is not working properly

So I am trying to do Timothy Ricks interaction for letters. and it’s working perfectly fine when it not working on hover, but I put that class in hover and add the div box class properly then also it’s not working when in hover that element.
and it’s on a try page

Can anyone help me quick?Here’s my read only link

@timothy1643 @Vako_Shvili @vincent

Can you share the original source of what sort of interactions you’re trying to achieve? I’ve never seen it so I’m not sure what you’re going for.

Ok so I am achieving Exactly like this
Avenue - Webflow HTML website template (Strategy, design, etc.)

I have added the custom cursor and I want a drop-down so when I click I want the drop-down to occur. I have done this but it’s only happening one time but not for 2 one i.e initially I added this interaction into the cursor for 1 one and it’s working perfectly fine but at a time when I added the second one it’s not working as I want.

It looks like you’ve managed to make it work. It works just fine for me. The dropdown occurs any number of times I click on it.