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Interaction is not running smoothly


I tried to build and rebuild this menu several times, meanwhile. But while generating it from scratch, at a sudden point it is not working properly, again, this can effect every of the three bottom menu sliders. Means, while opening one of the three bottom menusliders the first time, at least two of them are NOT opening smoothly. Opening them at the second time, it works.

At the moment it’s concerning “Produkte” and “Anwendungsfelder”. “Messtechnik-Lösungen” is working fine. I know, if I rebuild it again, it will concern another of this three menus. The both sliders on top “Unternehmen” and “Kontakt” are always working.

I suppose, it’s a thing of memory, while loading in the background? At least I realized it’s not depending of the number of submenu links, allthough at the moment the working one is having less submenu links.

Can anyone help?

Thx a lot


Here is my public share link:

I’m going to start with a simple question:
Are you aware there are no interactions associated with some of your elements?

Hi, thx for your feedback. Yes, I’m aware of this, as some of the menu items will have direct links to locations, without the need of a pulldown area.