Interaction initial position not loading on page load

I cannot figure out why this interaction is not loading the initial state when the page loads up, its a sliding button hover interaction so the black background button should slide in from the left on hover however when the page loads up the button is already black then after hovering once it fixes itself can anyone please help with this i beg.

Here is my site Read-Only: **LINK**
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Hi Crissy you’ll need to share your readonly site link for anyone to see your project and help you diagnose your interactions problem-

However, I recommend you go through your interactions and check all of the initial states. For example, if you have an open/close interaction, and the open ( click 1 ) and the close ( click 2 ) both have initial states, they can compete.

Initial state is the state applied at page load, not the state “just before the interaction happens”.
I misunderstood that when I first started working with interactions, and I’m probably not the first.