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Interaction hover menu question (solved)

I was trying to make a fashion menu with the new feature of webflow, and came across this possible bug:

The first time I pass with the mouse on the menu (titled “portal”), it appears instantly, only the second time it runs as I want (effect appears cascading)

Anyone cam analyze this error?

Public Link:

Hi @lucaspchara,

Interesting! It looks like the Display: None style on the menu_dropdown is causing the issue.

Since you aren’t actually animating this element, I would recommend that you manage the Display state of each button instead of the menu container.

You can delete the Hover trigger for menu_dropdown and then,

Change it so that each of the button triggers (numero1-numero5) look like:

Hover Over

  • Set display to block
  • Wait…
  • Move, Opacity…

Hover Out

  • Wait…
  • Move, Opacity…
  • Display: none

And lastly, you can give each numero button an IX with an Initial Appearance set to Display: None

Hope that helps!

still did not work
= (

I did! noob mistake. needed to carry out the fade effect and move when loading the site!

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