Interaction glitch

I created an interaction which affects other elements when I click an arrow. But for some reasons, it doesn’t matter where I’m clicking, the interaction still goes. Is this a bug or did I do something wrong?

Hi @James_Shen,
For answer your question we would need to see read-only link to your project. Guidance how to share it you can find here : How to Enable a Webflow Share Link


This is a website for my other account. The problem I’m having is related to the interaction for the arrow at the bottom of the page which is below the text “Click to apply”

The problem is that it doesn’t matter where I click, the interaction seems to apply to the hidden text anyways

Hello again @James_Shen.
I am sure it was accidentally, but you applied interaction to “body”… so :wink: just remove interaction from body and everything will be fine

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Oh wow I did not realize. Thank you so much sabanna! Do you mind if I may ask one more question? If I made something at a fixed position, how do I do it so that it will come on top of everything else on the page without getting covered up as I scroll?

Edit: nevermind I got it! I just had to add the z-index

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