Interaction: CMS slider and CMS filters by Finsweet

Salute, everyone! I have a question: how make this – I click to a radio button and content in CMS slider changed? Try creating a “CMS slider” first, then after add the “СMS filter” component by Finsweet, but it doesn’t work.

You should be able to follow the instructions provided by Finsweet. What part of the tutorial do you get stuck on?

I used tutorial of Finsweet:

  1. connected attributes filter to the form
  2. connected attributes slider to the slider
    But the filters stopped working – there is no result when you click on the radio button.

My website with example (read-only link): click this.

Have you found the solution?

For those examples your best bet is to view the source of Finsweet’s documentation page so you can see the exact placement of the attributes. Their cloneables have some demos of this filter arrangement as well.