Interaction Bug - Animation causing elements to disappear

Hi all,

I am trying to create a simple interaction that shows and hides a series of nav menus when you click on one of the nav links. The interaction works smoothly in preview mode in the webflow editor, but when I publish the site, the interaction causes certain elements to be hidden until I highlight them by clicking and dragging with my mouse.

It only happens the first time that I fire the interaction. For example if I click the ‘capabilities’ link, a menu drops down and the text is hidden. If I highlight the text, it will show up, and if I toggle the ‘capabilities’ menu again, it works as expected.

Here is a gif of the problem I am experiencing.
Does anyone know what might be causing this to happen?

Read Only Link: Webflow - MIS Rebrand Site

Live Example:

Welcome to the forums Nathan!

I’m not sure what causes this issue, but I did have the same experience a while ago. It’s very difficult to test for me since it will always display after any configuration related to the objects in element inspector I’d recommend changing and giving certain default values until it’s solved, even if they are the same.

I’m aware this isn’t the high value responsive you’re looking for, but it’s all I got! :sweat_smile:

Hey Rory, thanks for the response!

I am also just realizing that I am only having a problem with it on the home page, and not the Catheter Design Services page. It is a component though, so not sure why it behaves differently on different pages.

EDIT: after more exploration, when the content of the page gets to a certain height, the problem starts happening. For example, if I hide all of the sections besides the first section on the home page, everything works fine.