Interaction animations not working properly and I can’t find out why…

Hello! My open/close (2 separate) animations stopped working partly. I went over it and over it but can’t figure out when they stopped working and how to fix it now.

Problem 1 is that the open animation does not animate the first time I click on an item. Only when I click one of the other 2 items, and then click the item I initially wanted to click, then the animation is fired. The animation are set on divs with classes .pf-grid-item as seen in the image below:

Problem 2 is that my closing animation does not work at all anymore. That animation is set on div with class .pf-lightbox and .pf-close-icon-lightbox as seen in the image below:

The animations are set on/within the first 3 divs with class .pf-grid-item as seen in the first image and as marked on the web page in the image below:

I hope someone can take a look at this and tell me what I did wrong, or am doing wrong so I can continue building my portfolio :slight_smile:

Many many thanks in advance.


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

Does anyone could find the time to look into this? The design has changed from the screenshots but the structure stayed mostly the same. I still haven’t found the issue that’s causing my animations not working properly… :frowning: