Interaction Animation is not working with % height

Hello all!

Just watched the following 5 years old tutorial where he selects the unit AUTO in the Interactions panel for the height of this dropdown content container.

Nowadays it seems this measurement is not available anymore, just %, px VW etc.

Is there another smooth way to set the height to AUTO? When I select 0 and then 100% the animation does not apply. It simply opens up the container on click. PX work, but this is not a suitable solutions as every container has a different height.

Thanks a lot for your help!


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Hello @E_G1, welcome to the community! Yeah that video tutorial is outdated, I think Webflow is coming up with new ones. But you can animate from 0 to auto by following this tutorial by Web Bae I hope this helps!

I found an easy way to fix it. The height option “AUTO” is not available anymore in the dropdown menu. But when you just type the word AUTO in the numbers field, it´ll change the option to AUTO and display the animation properly. No custom CSS needed. But thanks anyways mate!

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