Inter Font Arrow Right/Left

The right and left arrow for the Inter font are not displaying correctly. Used the extented font pack of Inter, still no luck. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Here a screenshot.

Probably requires an easy fix, but sadly I couldn’t find anything.

i think i found the problem, there is a thread at github. Github Google
It´s a problem with the api, you have to include the arrows in a seperate @import.

@import url("");
@import url("↑→↓←");

codepen example

Thank you!
Where do I put the seperate @import?

@Moritz_W you can add it into your custom code. Id you need it only on one page you can add it into the page custom code, if not you may add it into the custom code area in the dashboard.


@import url("↑→↓←");

It is important that this gets loaded before the arrows themselves. I would add it into custom code in the dashboard. And don´t forget the “” :smiley:

Hope it works