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Integromat Webhooks listening for Form Input fields

Hello, I have watched the only video i could find on this topic, used postman to get the id of the fields items.

The example showed how to put those ID in a forms with a dropdown value, not in a form with input fields. How do you put those ID’s in a normal Input Field that doesn’t have a “value” option.

I have put the ID in the ID field, name field, integromat is not detecting the webhook that’s running when i fill out the form with those ID’s added to name or ID. Is there a custom attribute you have to set for those values so integromat can see it?

Gosh, I’m a little lost on what you’re trying to ask with this. Can you link us to the video you watched?

Hey Chris, sorry i was in a hurry didn’t explain it very well.

I’ve since found the solution… when using integromat webhook you just need to post the hook in the “Action” area of the form. I still don’t know why the video i watched had me run through postman to get item ID’s, anyways… One problem i’m running into is after putting the webflow hook in the action field of the form, it’s redirecting me to a page that shows the webhook was recieved when i submit the form, instead of the next page in the multi step form… i’m sure i’ll figure this out soon.


By adding a URL into the Webflow form action, you remove Webflow’s default behavior and you haven’t told Integromat to return a response back to the web browser.

I’m sure you will, but let’s make life a little easier :smiley: Here’s a quick screencast of mine walking through how to do it :+1: