Integromat - updating a dropdown field


I’m trying to update CMS collection items via Integromat.

Because of the setup I need to be able to update a field based on some basic logic. I am managing a process that has a number of steps. On the form when it’s submitted it pulls the step of the page that was submitted.

What I then want to do is once that form is submitted pass the data back to webflow and update the step with an option that is in a dropdown.

Because the form can be submitted on any step I’ve used an if statement to update Airtable but when I do the same with Webflow I get an “expected parameter” error.

I can see that Webflow wants an ID of the value for each option in the dropdown but I can’t work out how to find the ID of each value. Can anyone enlighten me?


I thought I had sussed it but apparently not. I found how to get the corresponding values for the items in the dropdown but when I use them in a formula it still doesn’t like it.

The statement is working as it’s erroring on the right step, in this case number 8 but it just doesn’t like the value.

Screenshot 2022-04-14 at 16.11.48

Screenshot 2022-04-14 at 16.11.37

hey @stuartleech!

one option you may want to check out for this is using Whalesync. I just wrote a post about how to sync data from Webflow forms → Airtable → Webflow CMS.

if I’m understanding your original post correctly, this should update the option field you have in Webflow.