Integromat / List items and create items in Webflow


My clients has two websites and only wants to create a item (product) in one site, the other site (identical collection list and content) should be updates accordingly with the same product.

I use Integromat to use the “Site Publish” trigger. My action is to “list all items from a collection” that is part of Webflow Website X. After I want to create these items in another collection from another Webflow Website Y. In-between I set a filter that should manage that only new items pass, so they do not duplicate in the collection list of Website Y.

Now this filter matches each product item (bundle) of both collections. Like this a unique product can be passes several times and I have duplicates in my Website Y collection… somehow my filter set up is not good. I simply say “Name (collection X)” does not exist “Name (collection Y)”.

How can I set a filter that only passes product items (bundels) from Website X that do not yet exist in the collection of Website Y?

Thanks for any help.

Best, Patrick

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Can you send a screenshot of your integromat scenario? Including the filter.


Hello Drew, Thanks for the reply. Saw it a bit late. I will send you screenshots!

Best, Patrick