Integrations tab error

Hi all:

I am new to Webflow and currently on the free plan. From my project dashboard, when clicking on the “integrations” tab, I get an error after about 5 seconds:

First a toast:

Resource wasn’t found

then a message on the page:

Error. Something went wrong. Please try again

I didn’t click on anything on the “Integrations” tab. This error just pops out.

Any idea anyone?


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I’m experiencing the same issue across all sites. It’s impairing my ability to make progress at a critical time.

Coming in to say the same thing is happening on a client’s website, and my own website. Recorded a short video to illustrate what’s happening.

integrations error - webflow (1)

The problem’s been resolved by the Webflow folks it seems. All set now.

The problem has been resolved - at least for me.

FYI for all…

It’s best if you disable ALL of your extensions, antispam, online threat protection and anti-tracker inside the security system. Also only keep the one Webflow tab open at a time. I know it may add steps to reactivate when finished, but I found this is the only way to reduce errors while developing. See ya.